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Latinx Pop Magazine

Welcome to Latinx Pop Magazine—a hub of critical exploration and vital celebration of Latinx culture in TV, film, social media, arts, literature, comic books, and video games.

Passionate about growing knowledge about how pop culture by and about Latinx is in our everyday lives, the Latinx Pop Magazine Editorial Team curate reviews, interviews, topical popcasts, and critical thought pieces to make visible US Latinx experiences and identities shaped by and reconstructed in pop culture.

Latinx Pop Magazine invites you to critically engage, creatively learn, and be vitally inspired.

Latinx Pop Magazine Cover Art with People on Street

About Us

Latinx Pop Lab

Latinx Pop Lab's core mission is to establish UT Austin   as a pioneering force in Latinx pop narratives, spanning comic books, animation, gaming, and multimedia arts. We're dedicated to fostering intellectual exploration and innovative curation within this creative realm.

Our identity is closely linked to creating communal spaces where BIPOC creatives can thrive, sharing their unique perspectives. These spaces serve as fertile ground for innovative ideas and critical discourse.

Throughout the year, Latinx Pop Lab hosts diverse events and programs, focusing on nurturing the next generation of BIPOC creative thinkers and changemakers. We're committed to amplifying their voices to shape a more inclusive and culturally rich world.

In essence, Latinx Pop Lab™ is more than just a space; it's a dynamic ecosystem where creativity, knowledge, and diversity converge to pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant future.

Team Members

Founder & Editor-in-Chief 

Art & Literature Editor

Arts & Literature Editor

Film & TV Editor 

Arts & Literature Editor

Video Games Editor

Dani Orozco

Film & TV Editor

Internet Culture Editor

Video Games Editor

Comics Editor

PopCast Editor

Web Design & Marketing 

YA Editor

Web & Graphic Design

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